Complete Sourdough Production Solution for Small Spaces

You don’t have to lay low, grow your business stronger and bigger with no risks! Always thinking and wondering how to adapt to nowadays quick lifestyle? That is why Engineers in Italian Esmach stepped in. Continuous work on newer, better, and improved machines brought EsmachLab to life, for a lifestyle which always emphasizes innovations and sustainability. Become a new-generation baker, following the traditional baking principles, with natural mother yeast and no chemical ingredients. No more baking during the night and sleeping during the day. EsmachLab is a life-changing system containing 5 appliances, which can be easily fitted to spaces smaller than 32 sqm.

The baking laboratory is built from five appliances: a yeast machine, an Esmach spiral mixer, a breakthrough retarder proofer with a unique Climother system, a multipurpose Paneotrad- molding, rolling and cutting machine, and the last of the series Esmach deck oven. All the machines perfectly complement each other and the result is perfectly leavened sourdough.

When tradition meets innovation, success is guaranteed.

Turn your life upside down with 5 new helpers in your kitchen

Be Sustainable and Don’t Waste

Bake only as much as you need and when you need

It Takes Just a Half Hour

And your customers will get fresh bread, made from scratch

Baker by Day

Real work system will change your life, so you can enjoy more daylight

Lower Cost of Preparation

Oh, if we didnt mention this yet, yes production of mother yeast this way is efficient

Are you still, wondering how this is possible?

These 3 visualizations are here to explain that, better than thousands words.

Another possible layout, with a bigger proofer which can fit up to 6 racks. Thinner and deeper 4-deck electric oven with欢迎使用江南app The space requirement for this layout is 32 sqm.

EsmachLab layout 32sqm

EsmachLab layout with oven欢迎使用江南app , version with wider 3-deck oven. The space requirement for this layout is 28.1 sqm.

EsmachLab Layout 28sqm

The smallest possible design, just 21 sqm can fit all five appliances.3-deck oven without oven loader and with single retarder proofer.

EsmachLab layout 21sqm

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