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Sandore Perfetta Depositor:For when size and efficiency comes first.

The Sandore Perfetta Depositor Perfettais their smallest model and issuitable for small laboratories, delicatessens and catering, to produce sweet and savoury delights. Perfetta has also been manufactured for producing filled biscuits like “Grisbi”, “Maamoul”, “Kibbeh”, rice balls, filled gnocchi, stuffed meatballs, meat buns, cookies, fig bars, dumplings and many more. This Machine is also used in large companies as agreat laboratory machine for research and development.

The machine is supported by 4 self-leveling feet and adapted to be positioned on a work table or on the “optional” table with wheels. The machine is complete with a variable speed dough extrusion device, a variable speed filling injector device, and a variable speed temporized diaphragm cutting device.

Available settings
– Quantity of dough
– Quantity of filling
– Diameter of extrusion of the dough
– Diameter of injection of the filling
– Cutting speed
– Speed of the belt
– Speed of the revolving plate
– Distance knife/belt
– Distance knife/plate
– Possibility of extrusion of bicolored dough without filling

Sandore Perfetta Depositor

Small & Efficient

Can be set on a countertop w/ self-leveling feet

Highly Customizable

Choose from a variety of Sandore manufactured Acessories to cut, extrude, decorate & more

Easy to Change lines

Tanks are easy to disassemble to chang configurations and clean.

Add filling

Automate adding different fillings inside your product

Optional Accessories:
Revolving plate diameter 320 mm
Stainless steel table mounted on swivel wheels with brake
Conveyor belt unit
Smooth decorating roll
Straight lines decorating roll
Inclined lines decorating roll
Guillotine cutting device
隔膜降低维evice for typical product “Kibbeh”

Technical Specs

  • Capacity tanks dough/filling: Kg 5
  • Minimum diameter of extrusion of the dough: mm 15
  • Maximum diameter of extrusion of the dough: mm 60
  • Minimum diameter of injection of the filling: mm 8
  • Maximum diameter of injection of the filling: mm 40
  • Diaphragm cut maximum production with tape synchronized with the knife: 3,600 pcs/h
  • Diaphragm cut maximum production with tape in continuous mode: 4,200 pcs/h
  • Maximum extrusion dough/filling: Kg/h 70
  • Hourly average production with 20% of filling: Kg/h 60
  • Single-phase electrical connection: 220V. 50/60 Hz.
  • Electric absorption: kW 1.2

Weekdays: 8:30 – 5:00

Weekends: Closed

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