Compact Esmach Spiral Mixer: 40kg

When Cleanliness and Minimal Space are a Priority

A smaller version of EM Bakery’sbest-selling spiral mixer from Esmach:this is more compact, with the same high quality and durability you’d expect from an Esmach bread mixer.

This Esmach spiral mixer meets the highest standards to produce bread dough or pizza dough, all while being small enough to roll under a counter.

Due to high precision engineering, this mixer creates a soft and delicate dough, even at minimum quantities. The two-speed motor brings optimum balance between the bowl rotation and spiral mixer which leads to the high-fresh dough, with no overheating and the dough is always well-oxygenated and soft.

Moving this dough mixer around your small retail shop is effortless thanks to its three wheels with blocking wedges, ensuring stability on uneven floors. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. If you only use a spiral mixer sparingly or for short periods, this mixer is for you. After use, simply roll it away out of sight and out of the way.

Simple Control

No Programming. Simple & Intuitive. Timer & emergency stop

Created for Small Spaces

Simply roll it under a workbench after use

Quality Construction that Last

坚固的钢结构,不锈钢螺旋混合er and bowl with extra rim

Automatic Two Speed Mixing

One speed of the bowl, one the spiral arm

Type:Spiral mixer, dough mixer, bread mixer, bakery mixer, pizza mixer

Electrical:3-phase+ Ground 208V (compatible with 220V)

Minimum capacity:4kg(8.8lb) of dough

Maximum capacity:40kg (88lb) of dough

Bowl type:Fixed bowl

Shipping weight:275kg (606lb)

Maintenance:Wipe down, easy to clean, easily rolls on wheels tosweep underneath

Safety:Safety guard, emergency stop and safety grid

Customizable features:

  • Grid system– Protective stainless steel grid to minimize getting flour into the air.
  • Pair with awater meterto save time and effort, adding temperature-controlled water to your dough with extreme accuracy.

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