Vitella Automatic Dough Divider

No Dough Scrapes, Absolute Dividing Accuracy

Fully automatic divider for dough diving into buns of the same weight. Hydraulic machine, with one double-acting cylinder for pressing and cutting. Vitella’s automatic divider is designed to effortlessly cut and shape dough with accuracy and consistency.

The control panel allows saving up to 10 programs. The saving process is done in a few seconds. By pressing the white button, you can adjust the pressing and cutting time and the number of divisions.

Maintenance of this machine is very easy as the divider rounder contains a button for knife cleaning.

Constructions and knives are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a long life cycle. The basins are aluminum, with anticorrosive surface treatment. The machine is equipped with wheels for easy manipulation and stabilizing legs for safe anchoring.

Automate the process of dividing, Vitella got you covered


Allows you to save 10 programms

Buns Absolutely Perfect

Each bun has exact same weigth as the other one

Makes No Differences

This automatic divider is able to deal with any type of dough

容易把Care of

The machine has button for cleaning the knives and easy to clean components

Electrical:3-phase 220V

Total Power:1kW

Shipping Weight:265kg (584lb)

Number of Divisions: Rectangular basin:10-80, double cut- 10/20, 12/24, 15/30Round basin:16-24Hexagonal basin:19-37 depending on model

Weight Range:Rectangular basin:0.3kg- 2kgRound basin:0.19-1.2kgHexagonal basin:0.09-0.5kg depending on model

Programs:Save up to 10 programs

Production Range: Rectangular basin:1200-9600 per hour Round basin:1900-2800 per hourHexagonal basin:2300-4400 per hour depending on model

Maintenance:Recommended periodic cleaning inside and outside

Safety:Emergency button, latch handle

Customizable features:

  • Rectangular, hexagonal or round basin
  • Possibility of dual cut on the rectangular basin

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If you wanna go halfway,Vitella semi-automatic divider, will be the right one. Combination of automatic pressing and manual rounding.

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